the power of emotion

(Ongoing project created by Katherine Brook + Shonni Enelow / TELE-VIOLET)

The Power of Emotion comes out of several years of conversations between us (Katherine Brook and Shonni Enelow) about acting and emotion in historical and contemporary theater. We are both former actors, and both interested in the ways emotion on the stage can be variously subversive and normative. Shonni's book Method Acting and Its Discontents: On American Psycho-drama was one focal point of our discussions. The project first took form with an adaptation of Richard Boleslavsky’s 1933 acting manual, Acting: The First Six Lessons (NYU-ETW, 2013). Following this production, we named the project The Power of Emotion, taking the title from Alexander Kluge’s experimental 1983 film Die Macht der Gefühle. 

We have now created three iterations of The Power of Emotion to date as new works of theater with original play texts written by Shonni, and in the case of the second and third iterations, with original music by composer Taylor Brook. The project's first iteration, The Power of Emotion: Breakfast, was developed during Chashama’s Summer Performance Residency in 2014; the second iteration, The Power of Emotion: Actresses was presented at Under the Radar: Incoming! and in concert at Firehouse Space in 2015; and the third iteration, The Power of Emotion: The Apartment was in residence at Mt. Tremper Arts in May of this year, and is currently in development.

The Power of Emotion: Actresses

Inspired by theories of acting, opera divas, and the emotional grammar of performance, The Power of Emotion is a new work about the form and force of affects and emotions on the stage. 

Written by Shonni Enelow
Directed by Katherine Brook
Music by Taylor Brook
Costume Design by Diego Montoya
Lighting Design by Josh Smith
Stage Managed by Leigh Walter
Performed by Nikki Calogne, Katiana Rangel, Lucia Roderique, Jessie Shelton, Alex Spieth, and TAK ensemble.

The Power of Emotion: Actresses was presented at Under the Radar: Incoming! in January, 2015.